Welcome to Cheer-leadership12! My name is Ashley Impellezzere and I will be your teacher for this course. I am very excited to be offering this course, as it is the first of its kind! The purpose of this course is to provide students who are interested in coaching the sport of Cheerleading, the opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely teach tumbling and stunting levels 1-3. Throughout this course you will have the opportunity to;

  • Learn USASF rules 1-3
  • Gain concussion training and certification
  • Spotting techniques for spotting tumbling levels 1-3
  • Work collaboratively to collect various tumbling and stunting drills
  • Explore coaching strategies and styles
  • Gain hands-on experience coaching or Volunteering in the sport

Because this is an online-course, there are limitations on the amount of face-to-face instruction that can be given. However, if you require extra assistance or would like face-to-face instruction I will be able to provide it upon request. To arrange a meeting both during or outside of school hours please e-mail me at aimpellezzere@sd43.bc.ca

If you have any questions about assignments or need help throughout the course please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.


e-mail: aimpellezzere@sd43.bc.ca

phone: 778-318-9354