Welcome to CheerFit11 Online! My name is Ashley Impellezzere and I will be the instructor for this course. This is the first time SD43 has ever offered a Cheerleading course online and I am very excited to have YOU as my first cohort moving through the program! This main objective of this course is to help you achieve your individual fitness and Cheerleading Goals. 

Because this is an online-course, there are limitations on the amount of face-to-face instruction that can be given. However, if you require extra assistance or would like face-to-face instruction I will be able to provide it upon request. To arrange a meeting both during or outside of school hours please e-mail me at aimpellezzere@sd43.bc.ca

If you have any questions about assignments or need help throughout the course please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.


e-mail: aimpellezzere@sd43.bc.ca

phone: 778-318-9354